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Thread: The Workshop

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    Quote Originally Posted by ericaanimation View Post
    Thanks Rich here is the new one with problems solved. I still have to add the secondary action.

    BINGO! Good job! Keep it up!

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    Erica that is 100% better - great job! Nice one

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    Hi Don,

    last week you said that my pose test had line of action problems and you were unable to comment further because I had not uploaded the stills, sorry. I later realised that part of the test was shot from 1-25 and then back to 1 again instead of 1-49. (Hope that makes sense) So I have re-shot the test which is now partially on two's.

    Here are the stills from the original poses, I have done some tweaking but I'm not sure if the cycle works and would appreciate any advice or input you can give. I haven't uploaded a background pan this week because I don't think I'll be able to make it to the workshop, my sister is getting married at the same time! Although I am hoping to do a bit of a 'stuey' at some point and 'sneak' away!:laughing:

    My main reference for the cycle was from Preston Blair's example which I used to help thumbnail the action.

    Just a note about the head, I realise that it doesn't really work moving it around on a cycle and I am going to keep it more or less in profile.
    thanks, Stu.

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    Dave/Don : I managed to get the video & frames in the critique thread this week on time (juuust! ran home after work!), but it was locked before I could type my notes & questions about what I did.

    I've posted these in my workshop thread:

    Really looking forward to the workshop tomorrow

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    great work people

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